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  • "A massage from Ariana is truly a wonderful experience.  It’s as if she knows, without having to ask, what’s going on with your body.  I have had several sessions with her and after each, I am completely relaxed and stress free.  Because of her care and professionalism, I have recommend her to several of my friends and family and will continue to do so.  Thank you Ariana!"

    J.D., Las Vegas NV

  • "Ariana massaged me while I was studying for the bar exam, so I thought it would be impossible for me to fully relax -- she definitely proved me wrong.  I absolutely love getting massaged, and of the dozen or so massage therapists I've tried, I can genuinely say that Ariana's massage was the best.  The hot stones are amazing, and I look forward to trying the other massage types."

    -Joseph C., Las Vegas, NV

  • "Ariana, thank you so much for the great massage that you gave me! As a first time customer and plan on using you many times in the future. I have been getting massages for years and yours rates way up there on top of the list of massages that I have received."

    A. Maurent, Las Vegas NV

  • "Ariana gave me a two hour massage a few days ago and I have been walking on air since. She was very nice and made me feel at ease. I've never felt so comfortable with any other massage therapist. She used the hot stones and was very expert with my injured back. I never felt so wonderful after a massage and I won't ever visit Vegas again without giving her a call."

    - Jason Moore, California City, CA

  • "I found Ariana to be very professional and someone who truly loves what she is doing. She immediately makes you feel comfortable and at ease with her. She is well versed in several methods of massage therapy and is more than happy to explain them to you. After that first massage I knew I was hooked. I had not felt so relaxed and recharged in years. I will be scheduling my next session very soon."

    David Faircloth, Las Vegas NV

  • "OMG, I am a very lazy yelper but the massage I had inspired me and I have to give a shout out to Ariana......this was the best massage I ever had...So good I drooled on the very plush carpet of the cosmopolitan suite we were staying in. Ariana has magic hands!!"

    Judith N, Tualatin, OR
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  • "I was very happy to see Ariana's offer for a massage in the comfort of my hotel room with very reasonable rates.  I became even more pleased once the massage started!  As she mentions in her description, her massage is non-sexual, but even within this framework it had a very intimate feeling.  Her hands were very soft and warm, but she also had the strength behind those hands to apply the right amount of pressure to the massage.  Even better was the overall feeling that she was doing everything she could do give me the best possible massage (which was directly after the one she gave to my friend) coupled with her very friendly demeanor.  Afterwards, I got her business card which I very much hope to be able to use again the next time I am in Vegas!"

       - Michael B.,  Pittsburgh PA

  • "I was a little anxious at first, to have someone come to my room for a massage (this *is* Vegas).  But once I opened the door for Ariana and spoke to her, I knew I had made a great decision.  Her friendly personality and professional manner immediately made me comfortable and at ease.  She proceeded with my massage session and was very attentive to my needs. She was in tune with the correct pressure to use on my body and which muscles to concentrate my massage on.  After the one-hour session was over, I found myself wishing I had booked her for two!  I made sure to get all her contact info.  I don't think I can visit Vegas again without giving her a call next time."

    -Daniel Y., Pittsburgh PA

  • "Thank you so much sweety for the massage! It was amazing! You were a total life saver!"  

    -Sanaz, Las Vegas NV

  • "C an I just express KA-POW?! My first session in years - like at least 10 - last night with the tender intuitive angel hands of Ms Ariana La Cour was AMAZINGLY wonderful. As the giver, I have forgotten how truly wonderful Massage Therapy is as a receiver. Spots that were miserable were gently worked out, spots that were secretively painful were discovered and attended to, for the first time in months I slept without spasms in my back and my neck has FULL range of fluid motion this morning. This is not ego stroke THIS IS POWERFUL TRUTH. Thank You Ari ~ with all my muscle fibers, THANK YOU! !" 

    -Taleda G., a fellow bodyworker in Las Vegas, NV
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  • "Hi Ariana - we just wanted to thank you for coming out to our hotel to give us all our fabulous massages. We've been to Vegas countless times and you've been by far our favorite! Not only where you extremely reasonably priced - you where better than the massage therapist in the hotel spa - which by the way cost $250 an hour and are always booked (trust me I'd know - I use to travel to Vegas every other weekend and had countless massages). Once again, thanks so much!! All the girls raved about you and we couldn't have had a better therapist. Girls!! If you're looking for an amazing therapist, and worried about having a strange massage therapist arriving at your hotel door... have no worries!! She's super friendly and as sweet as can be. You won't have to worry about your safety or having some weirdo arriving at your door. Give her a call and you'll be happy you did!"

    -Lucie G., Los Angeles CA

  • " Hi, my name is Murat Martin Sahan and I am the editor in chief of Poker Magazine Sweden ( Every year me and my colleagues travel to Las Vegas to report from the World Series of Poker and believe me, its hard work and often I seek relaxation through massage. I love to get a good massage in the comfort of my own hotelroom. But before I came across Ariana I didn't really find someone that was a 100% to my liking, so every year I tried out different massage providers. Thanks to Ariana that's all changed now, I can for sure say that from now on she will be my number one choice for massage in Vegas. Her massage is great and the price is just right for a working guy. Thanks Ariana and I hope to see you this year again! "

    -Murat Martin Sahan, Stockholm Sweden

  • "The best thing about Ariana, besides her massage, is she doesn't stop smiling the entire time! You can really tell she loves her work."    

       -T., Las Vegas NV

  • " Ariana exceeded my expectations. This service is her calling in life. She loves what she does and it shows through her techniques. She was totally devoted to me and not the clock. Hot stone...A+++ I invited her back to to do Hot Stone massage on my best friend and she was unbelievably relaxed and happy. Thanks Ariana, Hope to see you soon! "

    -Bonnie, Santa Monica CA
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  • " When my husband wanted to treat me he asked Ariana to come give me a massage after my cross-country flight into Vegas.  I was concerned that it might be weird, having someone I didn't know come to our hotel room , but I didn't need to worry.  It was wonderful!  I really felt like Ariana was my friend (although I had not met her until that evening).  She made me feel very comfortable.  The massage was fantastic, very relaxing and just what my body needed.  It felt like she had 4 or 6 hands, instead of just two!  I definitely would call Ariana again - I'd really like to try the hot stone massage next time. "

    -Pam, Canon UT

  • " Ariana, I want to thank you for the wonderful massage I received from you a couple of weeks ago. I was comfortable receiving the massage at home and I am looking forward to schedule another appointment. You are a great therapist! Thank you."

    -Marisol, Las Vegas NV

  • "Let me preface this review to say that I am a licensed Massage Therapist, in town (on the strip) for a few days. I have been a MT for over a decade, and know what to expect from a quality, professional therapist.

    My session with Ariana, Now and Zen Mobile Massage was fantastic! She is very professional, knows what she is doing and has a great quality of touch. You can really tell she enjoys her job, and was very present.
    If I lived here in Vegas, I would see her regularly!

    Her rates are low, even for national standards, but her quality and effectiveness are anything but standard. AND, she doesn't accept gratuities. I had a hard time with not tipping her, but she insists. :-)

    Being a mobile massage company, she only does out calls. I was afraid that she might not offer sessions at the big hotels on the strip (because it is so much more work), but she had no problem at all coming to Paris, where we are staying.

    Getting an appointment was a breeze, via email. She even helped us with dinner recommendations. :-)

    If you need more reviews for Ariana, visit her website, she has an entire page of testimonials!

    A+, 5 stars, 2 thumbs up :-)"

    Sara B., Round Rock, TX
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  • "I wanted to thank you again for the massage this morning. I know it
    was early for your normal hours and I appreciated the courtesy. Would
    getting another massage this month be too soon? I can actually move my
    shoulder blades around again, lol Thanks."

    -J.S. Las Vegas, NV

  • " Ariana offers an amazing service.  She is polite and professional and offers a very relaxing massage at incredible prices!! "

    -Bonnie M, Las Vegas NV
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