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Frequently Asked Questions 

 What are your office hours?
Currently the first appointment begins at 7am and the last appointment begins at 7pm, 7 days per week. Pleaase note that beginning July 1st, 2017  - new hours will be 7am-7pm Monday-Thursday, and 7am-7pm every other Sunday.  Same day appointments are accepted when available, but advanced booking is highly recommended. Please note that Now and Zen tends to book up solidly 2-3 weeks in advance.  Walk ins can not be accomodated. 

Are you licensed?
Yes, I am licensed and insured.
NVMT#4193/CCLic#2001171.519/CoLVLic#G62-02752/Insured thorugh MMIP

What type of oil do you use?
I primarily use organic safflower oil, organic unrefined coconut oil, and/or organic jojoba oil. At your discretion - I also use pure, natural essential oils and you can choose one or more to create a scent that you like (lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, sweet orange, rose, plumeria, jasmine, vanilla bean, sage, rosemary, sweet almond, clove, cinnamon, and whatever else that may have caught my fancy on the last shopping trip.) :) I also ocassionally have gently fragranced items to choose from. 

Do I tip you?
I charge the rates I do so that I can make a good living doing what I love. Tips are gratefully accepted, but never expected. 

Where are you located?
Now and Zen is located in the Summerlin Body Therapeutics center in the Parkway building at 7455 W Washington Ste#210 Rm#5 Las Vegas, NV 89128. The suite is very cozy, clean, and has easy direct access from the 3rd story of the parking garage - in fact it is the first open suite you come to - so you won't have to walk past any other businesses or through a lobby to get to or from your massage. Parking is free and easy, and our awesome security guards are on duty 24/7.

I also offer a limited number of mobile massage sessions each month and can deliver the spa to you at your home, hotel, or office!  

Do I really have to strip down?
Fully nude or just undies is completely acceptable, and the norm, but isn't necessary. There is no "right" or "wrong" way to dress, or undress, for a massage. The only thing that matters is that you are as comfortable as possible on my table. This will allow you to fully relax and get the most out of your session. So whether you are most comfortable in your birthday suit, a three piece suit, or anything in between - we can cultivate the session specifically for you so that you get the most benefit. You will always be snug under the sheets and blanket and shouldn't feel exposed at any time during the massage.

Do I have to undress in front of you?
 No, while you are undressing and getting onto the table I will excuse myself to to wash up and will knock on the door before coming back in. When we are finished, I will excuse myself again while you get dressed. While you are being worked on, only the body parts being worked on will be uncovered, while the rest of you remains snug under the sheets. Private areas will always remain covered. Your privacy and modesty will be respected and guarded. Don't like your legs exposed? No problem, we can work around that. Don't like your feet touched? No problem - your session, your rules. 

Am I too large and/or tall for your massage table?
I work with people of all ages and all shapes and sizes. My table is an Earthlite Harmony, which is drop load tested with 2400 lbs and has a max working weight of 600 lbs. It is solidly built in the USA, extra wide, well padded,  and very comfortable. 

When is payment due?
All payments for services rendered are due at the time of service. I would be happy to provide you with a receipt for your records. Please note that chair massage event fees are due in full 14 days prior to your event.

Sheets make me too hot, can I just go without drapery?
Nope. Drapery is required for every client and every massage.

Can/does your massage come with a "happy ending"?
No. I pride myself on maintaining the session's warm, friendly, decadent and nurturing feel while also keeping the work completely non sexual and professional. This is Vegas, so unfortunately we all get asked this question a lot. The answer is and will always be no. If this is the type of service you are looking for, please look elsewhere. My massage is a clinically effective medical massage coupled with a Swedish style nurturing flow to try to give the best of both worlds: an effective treatment for the muscles and relaxation for the mind and spirit. My massage is NOT in any way sexual or erotic. What you see on this website is what you get. Now and Zen is an open book and there is no "secret menu". Please respect my choice in this matter. 

Now & Zen

Relaxing and effective therapeutic massage in Summerlin, Las Vegas.

Now and Zen Massage Therapy - Summerlin Las Vegas - Ariana McCarroll LMT
7455 W Washington Ave Ste 210
Conveniently located inside of Summerlin Body Therapeutics at The Parkway Building
Las Vegas , NV 89128

ph: (702) 420-9230

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